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Being able to stand on your own – that is something that you can be proud of. When you’re in great shape and you are at the peak of your health, you will feel like you have everything. But then again, human as we are, we are vulnerable to illness or disability. If not ourselves then someone we love could get sick or grow old prompting the need for nursing home admission or long-term hospitalization which can often be very costly.

At Chicago VNA, Inc. we recognize that there is a demand for low cost but high quality health care which can be provided in the client’s home. Home Health Care is the answer to that and we are more than honored to be at your service.

Our Visiting Nurses will provide home health care that:

  • Helps the patient recover at home
  • Offers a less costly mode of ensuring the safety and health of the patient
  • Can be provided for the elderly who have become increasingly dependent on family members for daily living tasks

Please call us at 800-566-0024 for more information. Talk to our nurses about your family’s situation at home.


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